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Floyd Cray

Floyd Cray is the Music Director at WFDU-FM. He presently hosts the New Song Radio show. Floyd Cray has been with WFDU-FM since October 1999 and has hosted various programs, including New Song Radio, which is his favorite. He enjoys sharing "New Songs" with the world because all the songs are based on the bible. It is his sincere prayer that all listeners of the show come to a deeper understanding of Father and Mothers sacrifice and love. Often, he receives calls from first time listeners stating the inexplicable feelings of peace and tranquility they experience when listening to New Song Radio. Such news further encourages Floyd to thank Father and Mother for what They allowed him to take part in through New Song Radio. He looks forward in continuing to praise Heavenly Father and Mother through this amazing mission and eagerly awaits the many souls who are moved to seek the same connection.

Floyd's favorite New Songs are The Bright Heavenly Way, Mother Let Us Be Your Stars and Heavenly Throne High Above.