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Author: New Song Radio


With What Shall I Come Before My God?


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Name That New Song

Name That New SongThis Segment is a bi-weekly feature that test the listener’s knowledge of New Song Music! We play a sample of the New Song and we ask the listeners to call in when prompted to be caller 1 through 11. The Listener that guesses the correct name of the New Song will win a PRIZE!

Food For Thought

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Food For Thought ImageIn this segment, Floyd Cray shares thought-provoking information. Every other week, different statements shed light on life through the lens of spiritual and Christian values. This segment introduces people to Elohim God by positioning life’s situations as opportunities to realize God. Some of these quotes range from common sense to outrageously funny! Food for Thought is guaranteed to keep you thinking.

Fragrance of Heaven

Fragrance of HeavenIn this segment, Maxine Practor shares your fragrances, poems, short stories and heartfelt letters. A Fragrance of Heaven expresses the realization of the love and sacrifice of our Elohim God, Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. Through Fragrance of Heaven, we come to reflect on how thankful we are to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for their boundless grace and blessings. Many listeners are touched by the gracious words of those who give Fragrance of Heaven from around the world. Send in your submissions and help spread the Fragrance of Heaven.

Inside New Song Music

NSRSliderInside-03In this segment, Justin Brown explores the beautiful lyrics that glorify and exemplify the grace, love and sacrifice of our Almighty Elohim God, Heavenly Father and Mother. The featured New Song is explained line by line so that listeners may deeply understand its meaning and share in the feeling the writer expresses through the lyrics. In the end, we hope both New Song writers and listeners become one in mind and develop even greater appreciation of Heavenly Father and Mother’s love and sacrifice. Below are examples of New Songs and their explanations.

Rebecca, New York Zion

Short fragrance I am from queens Zion in NY and I am so grateful to Mother and Father for allowing me know the name of our savior Christ Ahnsahnghong. Read more

Sohyun Baek from Prague, Czech

A few weeks ago, I was supposed to study about the NEW NAME because a new brother who was baptized at the beginning of last month, and said he would come to study. Read more

Sisters Gladis- San Diego Zion

Before anything I want to thank Elohim, our Heavenly Father and Mother for allowing us to be united in mind by the New Song Radio, and allowing us share with each other the "inexpressible joy" that we feel when we preach the gospel! Read more

Pearl from Singapore Zion

Father & Mother have been doing all the gospel work with immense sacrifice that we have not fully understood, giving up even the glorious kingdom to come in the likeness of a work, eating food fit only for a worm, clothed like a worm, living in even humbler circumstances than us who deserve death just to save us. Read more