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All segments are heard on a bi-weekly basis.


In this segment (Justin Brown) we take a deep look inside the beautiful lyrics that glorify and exemplify the grace, love and sacrifice of our Almighty Elohim God, Heavenly Father and Mother. Each song is explained line by line so that we may truly understand the meaning behind these New Songs that were written. This was done so that the listeners can share in the feeling and have a better understanding of what the writing was thinking when they wrote that particular song. The purpose behind this is the hope that in the end both the writers and listeners of the New Song will be one in mind and develop even greater understanding about the love and sacrifice of our Heavenly Father and Mother. Below are some of the samples songs and their explanations. Read More


In this segment (Maxine Practor) share your fragrances, poems, short stories and heartfelt letters. Many listeners are touched by the gracious words of those who give fragrance of Heaven from around the world. A fragrance of Heaven, is the reflection upon and verbal expression of how the love and sacrifice of our Elohim God, our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother has moved us. Through the fragrance of Heaven we come to realize how blessed and thankful we are to our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for the boundless grace. It is another way for people to understand the love, sacrifice, and mercy of our Elohim God, our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. Send in your submissions and help to spread the Fragrance of Heaven. Read More


Food For Thought ImageIn this Segment (Floyd Cray) shares thought provoking nuggets of information that opens up your awareness to your inner thoughts about your mind body and soul. Every other week different statements challenge our outlook on life through our spiritual and Christian values. With the understanding that through all we do in our life, Our Heavenly Father & Mother still guides and directs all of our paths. This segment is a opening to those who have no knowledge of Elohim God in hopes of sparking interest in knowing more through these nuggets of life's various situations. Some of these quotes range from common sense to outrageously funny! We guarantee that Food For Thought will always have you second guessing your actions in every situation you encounter. Fear not God is with you!


Name That New SongThis Segment is a bi-weekly feature that test the listener’s knowledge of New Song Music! We play a sample of the New Song and we ask the listeners to call in when prompted to be caller 1 through 11. The Listener that guesses the correct name of the New Song will win a PRIZE!