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With What Shall I Come Before My God?


In Our Image


New Name

Long, long ago John saw the Lamb standing on Mount Zion and with the Lamb the one hundred and forty-four thousand. Voice from heaven like the voice of many waters, voice of loud thunder, sound of harpists playing their harps. Oh, the sound’s very surprising!... Read more

The Whole Was Full of Darkness

The song begins with "The whole world was full of darkness" If we want to know what the writer of this new song means, then we should first understand about what is 'darkness'? In fact, there is no such thing as darkness. Darkness is simply the absence of light. Obviously the writer isn't speaking about an absence of physical light because we can see the sun shining on us every day, so we can understand that the writer is speaking from a spiritual point of view.So, then what is the light that is not shining on this spiritually dark world? Read more

O God Elohim, Creator

The writer of the New Song begins by saying, "O God Elohim, Creator who made the heavens and the earth!" Here, why does the writer of this New Song say "O God Elohim, Creator" when referring to God the Creator? What does the word "Elohim" mean? Well... Elohim is actually the Hebrew word for God and it occurs more than 2500 times in the Hebrew Bible.So why is that important for us to know?? Read more

The Gospel of Glory

The writer of this new song begins with 'the gospel of glory our Father preached to us.' Here, the writer speaks about the gospel of glory. So, if we want to know what the writer of this new song means, then we should first understand about 'the gospel.' Then... what exactly is 'the gospel' that the writer of the new song is speaking about? Read more

Today I go to Zion

Today, I go to Zion; step by step, my heart beats with delight. The first question that might arise in our minds is “What is Zion?” And the second question might be “Why does the writer of this New Song say that her heart beats with delight to go to this place?” We have to find out because we too want our hearts to beat with delight. If we don’t know this place, then we can never understand what the writer is expressing. Read more

Father Came from the East

What does this line of the song mean when it says, “Father Came from the East”? As you may know, Jesus Christ promised to come a second time to earth. In the Book of Matthew Chapter 24, Jesus explained ‘how,’ ‘when,’ and ‘where’ his second coming would take place. If you were able to catch the previous themed broadcasts, we discussed exactly “how” second coming Christ was prophesied to come. We found out that Christ would come a second time “in the flesh, as a man.” We also talked about what is written concerning “when” second coming Christ would come. Read more

When the Leaves of the Fig Tree Come Out

Welcome to all of you who are listening to New Song Radio! My name is John Mauro, I am a co-host here at New Song Radio. I want to take just a moment to explain a little bit about what we do here at New Song Radio and about the message we proclaim to you. On our program we play songs and hymns that have been written and composed by those who have experienced the love of Elohim God. Read more

Love One Another

In the first verse of the song it states: Love one another as I love you, love one another as I love you. The one thing that Christ taught 2000 years ago, and even in this age, is to love one another. Because all Christ did, and still does to this day, is love us unconditionally. Read more