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I Did Not Realize Before

The words “I did not realize before” indicates how sealed our spiritual eyes were to God’s eternal love and boundless grace. We were doomed to face the second death. However, God the Father and God the Mother gave up the throne of Glory and appeared in the flesh to give us all their love and life through their immeasurable sacrifice. Read more

O Mother, You Are Life

The letter “O” is often used as an expressions meaning “I’m longing for” or an “earnest” emotion. The will of God on this earth is that only by our mother we can receive life and come into this world. Our earthly mother gave us life and we are thankful for this. However, is this song speaking about our physical Mother? Read more

I Enter the Gates of Zion

Although our souls were helpless, weak and poor, God has established Zion in order to give us hope, build up our faith and grant us eternal life. When we enter the gates of Zion our hearts become more and more thankful to our Heavenly Father and Mother for their unfailing love. Read more

In Our Image

I want to thank Father and Mother for allowing you, Brother Floyd, Sister Rebekah and Brother Matthew for being used as instruments in proclaiming the gospel and sharing the fragrance of Zion through beautiful new songs on the radio. It is truly a blessing to listen to the new song radio. Read more

O Garden Where I Lived

Oh Garden Where I Lived is a beautiful song that depicts the life we once had in our heavenly home with our most gracious God Almighty Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother The New Jerusalem Read more