Deep Down In Our Hearts

God bless you New Song Radio. Thanks to Father and Mother for Heavenly Music. It goes deep down into our hearts. For a long time in Africa, since the times of our great ancestors, we had no writings so teachings were passed through songs. So for Africans, music isn’t just a melody or a beautiful sound. It’s rather a teaching that one engraves in their heart by ruminating over and over again. In this way we have preserved our culture, values, local language and history. Since we have been accustomed to receiving teachings through music, heavenly music is so sweet to listen to.

While it relaxes the mind, the soul is busy eating spiritual food. Each New Song awakens so many spiritual realizations to the truth, the love of God Elohim and the path we must walk until we enter heaven. Through music we practice the act of faith of ruminating on the precious words of God. Since we receive teachings in such a joyful way, every teaching is easy to put into practice – from giving love and covering one another’s faults to overcoming all difficulties. Eternal thanks to God Elohim for New Songs!

Y. K. – Togo, Africa


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