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Inside New Song #46

In the Bible, the term “new song” is used to refer to the songs of praise the people sing to God. New Songs consist of different themes and tones. Nevertheless, the overall message of these songs display a sense of acknowledgement and gratitude the composer, and singer, expresses towards mighty Elohim God. All of God’s prophets who lived in the age of the Father sang praises to Jehovah with a New Song. In the age of the Son, all of the apostles and disciples sang psalms and hymns to Jesus with a New Song. In the same way, the Bible prophesied that God’s people who are living in the age of the Holy Spirit are singing a New Song to God Elohim, the Spirit and the Bride (Rev 14:3).

The New Song 46, Sing a New Song to Mighty God, is in reference to the biblical verse in Psalms, where David expresses how much praise the Lord should receive from all mankind; praising His NAME and His WORK OF SALVATION with a new song (Ps.96:1-2). The composer of this New Song dedicates each verse to the praise of Elohim God. The first verse is dedicating a praise to God the Father, Ahnsahnghong, and the second verse to God the Mother. The New Song expresses just how much praise Father’s name and Mother’s deeds must be proclaimed. God the Father and God the Mother are Elohim God who have saved us and redeemed us. Therefore, we should sing praise to Them and tell of Their works to all the earth! The lines “Day after day, proclaim the news our God saves us all” and “To all nations, to all people, tell of Her great glory” describe the progress of the gospel work started by Elohim God who saved us and redeemed us! Just as David sang praise to Elohim God for Their mighty power and salvation, we should also proclaim Their salvation to all peoples in the world day after day! The message of this New Song is directed to everyone who has been redeemed by Elohim God; only they are able to sing a New Song to Them and proclaim Their names and deeds to all nations everyday!

The tempo in New Song 46, Sing a New Song to Mighty God, contains a joyful beat and exhibits a positive mood. This is because our Elohim God is merciful and do wonderful works! As the New Song goes, let’s sing a New Song to Mighty God, and sing praises to Them! Our Elohim God has done all things deserving of honor and praise from all creation. This message can also be connected to the biblical verse in Rom 1:20, “his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen, being understood by what has been made”. New Song 46, Sing a New Song to Mighty God, is an amazing and powerful New Song to God Elohim because it expresses a sincere thanks for being created with such a divine purpose that this world is not worthy of. We must truly give thanks to our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother everyday and everywhere, forever!

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